If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery I know what I would do.
I might adopt a puppy – or five…
and share them all with you.
If I won the lottery, it’d be quite fun for me.
I would buy a thousand cars
or maybe one trampoline.

Okay, okay, okay. I wouldn’t do any of those things. Except, maybe, the puppy bit.

Seriously, if I won the lottery, or just started making TONS of money for whatever reason, I would probably end up giving most of it away. No joke. What would I do with $70 million(the current TN Lottery amount)? What would anyone do with it?

I probably wouldn’t even buy a new car. I love my little car. I might buy The Hubs a car. He’d like that. And I would build my dream home: A Queen Anne Victorian.

Wanna see?

Isn’t it beautiful??? It’d be a butter yellow color with white trim. It would cost about half a million dollars to build. I would start off with my current furniture and furnish it with new pieces very slowly over the years so that I can make sure that I really love each piece.

Oh! But since we’re dreaming… I would LOOOOOOVE a Cabriolet… in pink.


They don’t make it in Pink, though, so I would have to get it custom painted.
(I would still keep the car I have. It’s a great car for the fam and for the puppies.)

Then… that’s it. I would put some money into an account for kids’ college and then I’m done.

The rest of the money would go to charity:water and starting a puppy rescue organization or donated to Nashville Humane Association.

So, let me do some math.

$70 million -$35 million to taxes = $35 million.

$35 million – $.5 million for the house = $34.5 million.

$34.5 million – $100,00 for a car for me and a car for the hubs = $34.4 million

And we’ll just knock off the last bit for college tuition, buying my mom a house, and savings…

We’ll just say that about $30 million would go to charity:water and the puppy rescue and a few other charities.

No. Wait. The Hubs is being all practical and saying that we should take out an extra mill for “just in case” things. What “just in case” things won’t $3 million is savings cover? I don’t know.

But if that’s what he wants, I’ll do it. That’s still $29 million going to charities. Roughly 83% of my lottery winnings would be given away. Sounds great to me!


If you won the lottery how would you spend it?




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