Canvas Prep Work


Today I’m going to talk about how I prep my canvases for use.

I have an old sheet that I lay out like a tarp on the floor so that I don’t get paint everywhere.

(I do a lot of work on the floor of my dining room – in my pajamas. I only have one pair of pajama pants that don’t have paint on them.)

I try to wait until I have a few canvases on hand to prep so that I can do a bunch at once. That makes for less time spent cleaning up.


I spread all of my canvases out on the sheet.


Then I use this handy little thing called a Mini Paint Roller Kit that you can get at Lowe’s. It’s really inexpensive – around $3.00. And you can get replacement roller covers for even less. I like the two-inch one.

I pour my white acrylic paint into the little pan and get to work.

It takes about 2 minutes to prep each canvas depending on the size of it.



I like this method because the roller gives me a very smooth surface to work over. It also creates a very clean background if I’m doing a doodle painting.

I only have plans for one of these canvases, but I’m happy having more ready for me.

Nothing says potential more than a clean, prepped canvas.


How do you prep your canvas? 



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