Titling Art

I have a hard time putting a title on things. So I typically just stick with the subject of the painting as the title. For instance, The Surf is a painting of a woman surfing.



Or, ummm, Blonde Bombshell is a painting of a blonde woman with bright eyes and big red lips.


Sometimes, though, if it’s a painting of a woman I’ll give her a name and that will be the name of the piece, too. Like Barbie. Of course, with Barbie I tend to add a description into the title as well.


I feel like things are just much less complicated if I just name paintings for what they are.

I mean, with over 150 doodles, can you imagine how confused I’d get if I tried to give them all really creative names? That’s why I tend to stick with Narwhal 1, Narwhal 2, and Narwhal 3.

IMG_5238 IMG_5240 IMG_5243


How do you title your art?


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