Dead Celebrities Have Been Revived!

So, in case you don’t remember my Dead Celebrities Collection they looked like this:

Pop and Pulp Dead Celebrities Display

They were finished almost a year ago exactly. I designed this collection to be debuted at last year’s Full Moon Fest at the end of April. It got great reviews from those that actually recognized the people being portrayed. However, I think the features were to subtle and the coloring was just blase.

But now…

They look like this:

It’s a dramatic difference and one that I was quite scared to do, but I am quite happy that I did.

They are still acrylic on 18″ by 24″ canvas.

The coloring is a little off in the pictures. My camera did not want to pick up on the vibrancy, and I’m incredibly pissed about it, but I’m happy that people like them and that they look so much better in person. And I can’t wait for them to be in a gallery somewhere.

As always, if you’re interested in purchasing a painting
you can email me at LizKellyZook @


What were you working on this week?



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