Squeezing Joy Out Of Every Day

Make Joy A Priority

I’m generally pretty happy with my life. I know I’m starting off sappy, but hear me out. . .

I have freedom to create. I am surrounded by love. I am happy. According to happify, my overall happiness level is at 77% right now. That’s pretty good. (I always take my happiness check-in seriously so that I can properly gauge where I’m at and what can be improved.)

My point is that I make overall life happiness a priority, but I don’t make experiencing joy every single day a priority. I think I need to do that. I think I’m missing out on some things by focusing too much on the big picture. I’m pretty good at savoring the little things. I will stop to smell the roses literally if given the chance. I will watch the birds in the front yard and make sure to wiggle my toes in the grass. It keeps me in the now. It keeps me calm and happy when I savor the little things.

But joy is different. Joy, at least for me, implies excitement. Happiness is taking a leisurely stroll. Joy is running after a giggling kid. Happiness is wiggling your toes in the grass. Joy is twirling in bare feet so fast that you fall into the soft grass and stare up at the sky until the world stops spinning.

Does that make sense?

So, in an effort to squeeze more joy out of my every day, I bought some inline skates. I don’t skate. I look like someone strapped wheels on a newborn giraffe, basically. Anyway, my kids are running around outside and I’m wobbling around on these skates. I haven’t figured out how to stop fully and I guess I was going to fast. I ended up crashing into one of their cardboard houses in the garage. My poor kids. They ran over thinking I was hurt, only to find me hunched over, laughing my ass off, and grasping the cardboard house for dear life. Giraffe On Rollerskates

Even though I could have seriously injured myself, I think I’m off to a pretty good start. But it won’t always be rollerskating. I’m going to have to make sure to insert joy into every single day. I want to laugh until my sides hurt – every single day. I want to fall on my butt, be chased by monsters, have tickle fights – every single day.


What does joy mean to you? How do you squeeze joy out of your every day?



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