Hardcore Assessment

I have thoroughly assessed all of my work. It was hard. I mean, it was really hard to look at all of it and be brutally honest with myself. But through that process I have a clearer vision of what kind of art I want to be making.

Working on LinesI know that I want my work to POP. I know that I like my work in 2D more than 3D. And I know that I loooooove heavy lines and am becoming increasingly interested in bright colors.

I inventoried all of my paintings Wednesday – even the new ones. I came up with pricing for all of my paintings. The same for custom works. I’m very happy with my current assessment. And, while I was working on an inventory list, I could clearly see my progress and how my work has changed now that I’ve gotten really serious about being an artist full-time. It’s been very eye-opening.

I’ll admit, that through evaluation, a lot of stuff was not up to my new standards of evaluation. A lot of paintings were noted on; literally I slapped tape on them and wrote notes on the painters tape. A lot of paintings are going to be painted over. And at least one painting is just going straight to the trash can.

Because of all of this work and evaluation I have become more eager to keep producing and to really make an effort to get my work out; even beyond The ‘Boro.

I’m really excited about what’s going to be coming up. I’m happy to be making even more improvements in both my personal and professional life. I may be a month into my summer already, but I’m just getting started.





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