Free Art Friday

Yesterday, I participated in Free Art Friday. I did my very first art drop. It was quite fun!

Basics of an art drop: Make some art(2D, 3D, whatever), bag it up in case of weather, mark it “Free Art”, hide it somewhere, leave clues.

Here is what I posted on Instagram and Facebook:

“This is my first Art Drop!
I’m so excited!
Clue: Gilligan made it off the island, but not too far off.
#faf #freeart #freeartdrop #freeartfriday#freeartnashville #famn #fafnsh
#faf #freeartmurfreesboro #artdrop #murfreesboro#murfreesborotn #popart

It was picked up within TEN MINUTES!

I think it’s great for two reasons. One, it gets the community involved in the arts. Two, it gives people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford art the opportunity to collect it.

I will definitely be doing it again.

Join the Free Art Movement Nashville group on facebook if you would like to get involved in the Free Art Movement in Middle Tennessee! Google “Free Art Movement” for more information on the movement. You can add your city to see if there is anything going on in your area. Get involved!



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