A few weeks ago I was reading about Roy Lichtenstein and his work. I came across some information that surprised me. That is, Roy Lichtenstein and other famous pop artists did something called “appropriation”. I don’t want to use the word “copy”, because I get shushed when I do. So, I’ll just paste the definition here.

Appropriation in art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them.

A lot of the time Appropriation Art doesn’t even give acknowledgement to the original artist. Now, I’m not naive. I knew Andy Warhol’s earlier work was done using photographs that other people had taken. However, I didn’t know that a lot of Roy Lichtenstein’s work was “appropriated” from comic strips. I honestly thought he had come up with all of that on his own.

The other day my daughter told me that I should do The Starry Night, because her art teacher did. I didn’t feel right doing Starry Night, though. So, instead, I did Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait.

image linked to source

It was weird at first. I grappled with a bit of guilt, but I settled in and finished it without much inner drama.
It helps that blue and orange are my favorite colors. I really played up those colors. And, of course, black lines.


I’m calling it “Appropriation” and it will be added to my Available Paintings page, in case you’re interested. Appropriation is acrylic on 16″ by 20″ canvas. It does not have finished edges.

Also, just so you know, the 50% off art sale is still going. Email me at if you want to purchase something.




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