Two Week Drawing Challenge

Since I can’t start any major projects for the next month or so I decided to do something on a smaller scale. I hate committing to those 30 day or 60 day drawing challenges. I have severe commitment issues. I never make it to the last day. Then I feel guilty for not completing them.

This drawing challenge that I’ve worked out for myself is short-term. It’s not a huge undertaking, because you can use whatever is handy. I’m sure I’ll be using markers, pencils, and pens. There might be some crayons, too.

2 Week Drawing Challenge

I will be starting tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m going to use #twoweekdrawingchallenge on Instagram.

I would love you to join in. If you join be sure to post yours and use the hashtag. I can’t wait to see the great stuff that you come up with.



9 thoughts on “Two Week Drawing Challenge”


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