Premature Studio Tour

I am hot. I am tired. I have a weird rash on my cheek. And I’m sitting on the floor.


I am happy.

I love this house. I love the hubs for buying me this house. I love thinking about spending many years with him in this house.


I love my studio.

I still have to decide on a permanent painting place that is always ready whenever I am ready. I’m not sure exactly where that will be. I like to paint on the floor. I have a tarp, but I haven’t thrown it down yet, because I don’t know where my painting spot is going to be. Maybe under the window…

The window that I haven’t taken a picture of, because it’s night, there are no curtains, and there is a glare.

Let’s get started with this premature studio tour, shall we?

Left of the desk, left of the closet

If you walk in the door and turn left you’ll see Legs, Backside, my art cart, and the closet. That pile on the floor goes into the desk space area – which is subject to change.

The Desk

So far, I’ve just been putting things in the vicinity of where I might want them to be. That’s not exclusive to my studio, either. The entire house is just boxes in rooms. Except, I fully unpacked the kids. I wanted them settled as soon as possible. Anyway, all of the desk stuff was just thrown on and around the desk on the floor.

To the right of the window

If we skip over Alice Cooper and the window, let’s just pretending we’re turning clockwise, we end up on this corner of the studio. You can see which paintings are older. They have more scraping in them. The newer ones have very clear, bold lines. Above the paintings are my prep work tracings. (If you want to go through the process of painting with me check out A Peek At The Process.)

behind the door

And if you turn a little more to the right you can see the corner behind the door to the studio. As you can see, I hung some paintings on a closet door. I used command strips. Those things are really great for not putting holes in doors. The rest of my paintings are hung with tacks.

So, that’s it. I still have quite a bit of work to do in here, but the rest of the house should probably be unpacked, too. The next thing I’m going to do is designate a space for pictures and, of course, my permanent painting place. (And I still haven’t moved everything there is to move! There is still a bunch of work at the house we’re renting. We should probably get that, huh?)

I’m going to go wipe the sweat off of my face and get ready for sleepy time.




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