I Was Wrong

I was completely wrong this past weekend. I said that I was going to be able to start on the Trailer Park series that I’ve wanted to do for months. I will not be able to start on that this week, though. I mean, I might get as far as a sketch on a canvas, but most likely no painting.

This week I want to start on sketching out wall paintings in my childrens’ rooms. My daughter is getting an Eiffel Tower (with some hearts, Mom!) and my son is getting a volcano (with the lava underneath!). It’s going to take a lot of work, but I promised them if they didn’t color on their walls I would put something special up. They held up their end of the bargain. Now it’s my turn.

I will also be working in some small cat paintings some time this week, too. Some art friends will be setting up a table at Purple Paws for Rutherford County Cat Rescue. (It’s so fun that most of my art friends are also animal lovers and rescuers.)

I have a busy week ahead. I will post when I can, but it’s much easier to follow along on Instagram. ❤




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