October Art Sale

I’m having an October Art Sale…because October!

Outside My Studio
Outside My Studio

Bottom of the Stairs Leading Up To My StudioI do love October, and Autumn, and everything this season brings and means. That includes the sloughing of the dead to bring in room for rebirth. This season is all about cleansing, and getting rid of the old so that you’re ready for the new. I just moved in to my new studio last month and I already don’t have room for all of my paintings. (And that includes in the stairwell up to my studio.) All walls are covered.


In my Studio
In my Studio

So… for the entire month of October, all of my Available Paintings are half off. I might be adding some older paintings into the Available Paintings portfolio for purchase, too. Topless Clown might be added, too. Watch Instagram (@LizKellyZook) and here for additions.

If you’ve seen something that you like that is not in Available Paintings, do not be afraid to ask! You can message me on facebook or you can email lizkellyzook@gmail.com anytime.

This will be the last art sale of the year.


Keep your eyes peeled for a studio tour!



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