What I’ve Been Working On

Since I last posted…

I have done too many things to post. I finished the trailer park painting, reworked an old Barbie painting, did two new Things Are Looking Up kitties, finished a painting for a friend, and painted a Uterus Cowgirl.

They weren’t specifically done in that order. In fact, I really don’t remember what order they were completed in – just that they were all completed this month. The ones that are available (not including Uterus Cowgirl) are included in the October Art Sale!


I made some really cute furry hats for sale for winter.

They are made with crushed panne and lined with a 100% cotton knit. If you want one they are at Sugaree’s on the square in Murfreesboro. There are only three cat, four bear and three mouse. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. I’m not making more.

I made these little hats to round up some funds for fabric. I would like to sell some more skirts this coming spring, but I want to use fabric that I designed to do that.

And THEEEEEN… I rehashed the ol’ Furies Magazine to interview my buddy Norbert Thiemann of Cinespire Photography. I’m looking for more artists to feature. Hop over there if you’re interested.

I’d say I’ve had a pretty productive October! What about you?




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