New Textile Designs

I previously mentioned that I was having a painting sale to raise funds to order fabric of my own design to make more skirts to sell at Sugaree’s. I have been continuously working on textile designs. I don’t always remember to promote them, though. recent textile designs

These are the most recent of my designs. You can actually buy the fabric in my shop on Spoonflower. When you buy a yard of fabric on Spoonflower I get a cut, because it’s my design, but they’re making the fabric. Also when you buy a bit of fabric on Spoonflower it makes it easier for me to buy my fabric on Spoonflower. 🙂

I would really like to get some fabric so that I can start making skirts again. It’s quite fun and I’d like to have enough of a collection for it to actually be kind of a big deal when I put them all out.
So, buy a painting or buy some fabric so that I can make more skirts and more paintings!

Studio Wall

(The October Art Sale ends on Halloween! Check Available Paintings for details!)




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