I Wanted To Try Something New

A watered down style looks A LOT different from my thick popped out style, but I wanted to try it anyway. I think these paintings turned out really well!

I would like to note that the painting of Marilyn Monroe was inspired by a photograph taken by Richard Avedon. Painted Lips painting was inspired by a photograph taken by Lucie Kout. And I can’t find source information on the picture that I used of Debbie Harry.

I really like the colors and style and lines of these pieces, but I prefer my bold colors. I don’t know that I’ll do a lot of paintings like these. I’m happy that I tried it, though! The style fits perfectly with these pieces. Especially Norma Jeane as Marilyn Monroe, because I really wanted something more ethereal and otherworldly.

In my Studio

These paintings will not be included in the Half Off Art Sale (that you only have two days left to take advantage of). They won’t be added into Available Paintings or listed anywhere until November 1st.

I hope you have a blast this Halloween Weekend; even if you don’t celebrate Halloween.




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