The Problem With Being Over-Educated

ksp-red-journal-detailI keep seeing this little notebook, I think it’s Kate Spade, but it’s also an Oscar Wilde quote.
And though I do love Oscar Wilde – I think he’s a genius writer – I don’t agree with this particular quote. 

For one, it’s entirely impractical!

I know, I know. It’s supposed to be flippant; fun. It’s for pretty girls in their 20’s that need validation for both their fancy frocks and their overpriced educations.

However, when you’re taught everything about life in a classroom you learn nothing. (Especially in American classrooms, but we’ll leave politics out of this.) When you’re over-educated you miss out on a lot.

I’m not saying don’t go to college. I’m saying don’t just go to college.

Also, that overdressed thing, try going into a crawl space in a pretty sundress to fix leaky plumbing.

Be overdressed, be over-educated, but leave room for more. Leave room to get dirty, too. All the fun is in the dirt and mess of life.




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