I’m A Feminist And… : A Feminist Portrait Project

The other morning my husband and I were making breakfast together and I asked him, “Do you think I’m a feminist?” He said no and I asked him why not.

“You just don’t seem to be what I’ve always thought of as a feminist.”

His idea of a feminist was the stereotypical man-hating, bra-burning, loud, angry woman. My husband has always been supportive of my career, my life choices, etc. but I guess I had just never clearly expressed that to him. So, I did. I told him what feminism really was and that everyone expresses that differently. Of course, he was completely on board.

I didn’t get it just then, but later that night I was up at 2:00am thinking that something about that had to change. The way that feminists are viewed by the general public has to change!

That idea is what inspired “I’m A Feminist And…” a Feminist Portrait Project. (Though there is already a Feminist Portrait Project that encourages women to blog about when they realized they became feminists, my project is quite different.)

“I’m A Feminist And…” my Feminist Portrait Project is a series of painted portraits of women that identify as feminists, but also go against the man-hating, bra-burning stereotype.

It’s obviously quite the opposite of “I’m not a feminist, but…”; a phrase I loathe. I wanted women that weren’t afraid to claim their feminism. And I found them…

And I’m looking for more!

With all of the interest that I’ve gotten I decided to make this an ongoing project. I’ll be working on it indefinitely, in between and in front of other projects.

If you are a feminist and you’d like to be involved in this project email me at lizkellyzook@gmail.com or message me on facebook.




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