David Bowie, Heart Shaped Sunglasses, A Pineapple, And Jessica Jones

I have had a very productive February!

Furies has been revived and it is kicking! (If you haven’t heard of Furies, it’s an art blog that focuses on talented artists/creatives in the middle Tennessee area. You can check it out here.) I’ve reformatted the features and even interviewed an architect. I’ve lined up new artists and two musicians to be featured as well. It still has a long way to go, but I’m glad to still have readers and supporters in the community after the hiatus I took to refocus on my art career.

I have completed eight paintings so far in February. That’s the  most I have ever produced in a month. I’m really excited about it, because one of my two career goals this year was to amp up my production. But you probably want to skip all of this crap and look at the art, right?

Well, here ya go…

1976 - acrylic on 18" by 24" canvas - February 2016
  1976 – acrylic on 18″ by 24″ canvas – February 2016

This painting of David Bowie was kind of late to the party when you consider the barrage of art that came along after his death. I wanted to take my time, though. I didn’t want to just throw something out because everyone else was. I wanted something I connected with; something that meant something to me, because his music meant a lot to me – as cliche as that sounds. The story behind this mugshot is probably the most innocent/adorable David Bowie story. Read more about it here.

Heart Shaped Sunnies - acrylic on 18" by 24" canvas - February 2016
Heart Shaped Sunnies – acrylic on 18″ by 24″ canvas – February 2016

Heart Shaped Sunnies is just something I wanted to do for fun. I really like the way my style looks over scraped backgrounds; wanted to do more like it. I had these colors left over from my Pop Art Figure Paintings. I don’t like to waste paint if I don’t have to. So, you’ll see a lot of familiar colors from one collection to the next.

Fabulous Pineapple - acrylic on 16" by 20" canvas - February 2016
Fabulous Pineapple – acrylic on 16″ by 20″ canvas – February 2016

Fabulous Pineapple is another one that I did just for fun. Again with the pop art style on top of a scraped background. I really do love what it adds to a painting.

Jessica Jones - acrylic on 20" by 16" canvas - February 2016
Jessica Jones – acrylic on 20″ by 16″ canvas – February 2016

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is a huge comic book nerd. He was really excited for this show. I was not. …until I started reading about the character and her storyline. Jessica Jones is strong and vulnerable. Her character shows all of the depth that women are capable of without sugarcoating it with pretty clothes and a lot of makeup. The hubs and I devoured the entire first season and seriously can’t wait for the second one. Anyway, I’ve wanted to paint her since the first episode, but didn’t get around to it until just now.



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