Hats, Hats, Hats


I used to collect hats. I never wore them, though, because I was embarrassed by my ears. (They stick out a bit.)

It started with my grandpa’s cowboy hat and went from there…
I had a weird festival hat, a few baseball hats, some berets, etc. I had all sorts of hats.

I would try them on sometimes; one at a time, in front of a mirror, alone in my room. I don’t know why I enjoyed it so much. I just really liked hats.

I lost them all somewhere along the way…. I’ve moved so many times and one of those was a quick getaway wherein I left a lot of stuff I really cared about, but it was essential to get out.

I also used to collect key chains, but I used those. I could switch them out depending on my mood or outfit. I wore jeans all the time and everything fit in my pockets so purses weren’t necessary and I kind of used the key chains to express myself. I still have a few of my key chains.

What collections have you had or do you have?




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