I Get It From My Momma

Mom’s Studio

I’m the baby of five kids that my mom had. For most of my childhood there were only three of us, because my oldest two siblings are much older. (Although there was a point in time when my sister and her daughter moved into our garage, but that’s a whole other story.) For the most part it was my mom and the three of us.

My mom really had her hands full. She worked full-time, too, because she couldn’t rely on help from my dad. He was a real dick. She didn’t do drugs or drink excessively. She went to work and came home. She cooked us food she didn’t even like herself, because she knew we’d eat it.

She didn’t get to do a lot of the things she loved doing, because she always put us first.

A Red Pitcher

Finally, though, at an age I’m probably not allowed to disclose, she is focusing on herself and her art and, of course, her little chihuahua Jack.

I’m really proud of my mom for putting herself, and her wants, first.

My mother always pushed me to follow my passion; scoffs at me when I have doubts; and is the first to tell me if I fuck something up. (That last thing is appreciated even when it annoys me.)

My mom has a little apartment in New Mexico and she spends her days creating. She has always loved Jazz and she is currently working on a series of jazz musicians. She also wrote a children’s book. I mean, she is killing it.

If you want to see more of my Momma’s work you should like her facebook page.

What does your Momma do? I’d love to know.




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