Flamingos for the Summer Arts Jam

It’s no secret that I like Flamingos. A while ago – at this point I can’t remember if it was years or months ago – I was going to paint a Flaming Trailer Park collection. Then I didn’t. Okay, I did one painting. I didn’t like how it turned out. So, I scrapped it.

I always wanted to try again, though. This time I just took my two favorite parts of that collection, the trailer park sign and the lawn flamingos, and focused on those.

The Flamingo Trailer Park painting has glow-in-the-dark paint on top of the white so that when you flip the lights off it looks like a neon sign.


Both paintings, Flamingo Trailer Park and Two Flamingos, are listed in my shop on Etsy for you to purchase.

However, if purchased before June 9th, they will not be shipped until June 9th, because they’ll be joining me at the Summer Arts Jam on June 8th! The Summer Arts Jam is open to the public. There will be live music, art, storytelling for the kiddos, and food trucks!

I also made a few smaller pieces for the Summer Arts Jam.


And I will be selling a variety of prints, as well. (All family-friendly.)

I hope to see you there!



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