Painting Break

13323454_1028393963905109_2777758225481920447_oLast year, at this time, I had only finished three paintings. Three. This year I have completed 39 paintings. And that doesn’t even include the four small ones, or any of my works on paper. For the whole of last year I completed 37 paintings. With this year not even half over I have already surpassed last year’s production.



In all seriousness, though, I’m not.

I have two events coming up. They happen to be back-to-back. The Summer Arts Jam, that I’ve previously mentioned, is on June 8th. I’m also participating in this month’s Boro Art Crawl – which is a two night event this month – is June 9th and 10th. See? Back-to-back.

Anyway, my point is, that you’re not going to see new work until after these two events are over. I’m giving myself some room to breathe. Now, that DOESN’T mean that I won’t be working at all. I’ll still be saving ideas, promoting other pieces, making new prints, and obviously promoting the two events that I’ll be a part of. But I need to breathe.

paintbrush mustacheEven with a break, if I can keep up this momentum, averaging 7.6 paintings a month, I can easily reach my goal of doubling my production from last year. (On a side note: I had reached my self-sustaining artist goal, but then ran out of canvas. So I re-evaluated the only two goals that I had for myself as an artist for 2016 and decided that doubling my production was more important to me than being completely self-sustaining. I am still only in my first year of being a full-time artist, after all.)

So, to sum up, no new work until after June 10th AND two big events coming in June: Summer Arts Jam and Boro Art Crawl.

Thanks for sticking around, being supportive, and helping me reach my goals.




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