Cthulhu Is Lord

img_7922I live in the bible belt. I have no problem with religion or religious people, but I do get tired of the “Jesus Is Lord” bumper stickers that I see everywhere. For one, it’s redundant. For two, it’s boring and ugly.
So, I designed this bumper sticker a few months ago. My husband is a huge geek and it was somehow inspired by him, I’m certain.
About a week ago I applied for a copyright and placed an order with stickermule.
The funny thing is that I wasn’t too serious about doing anything with the design. I designed them for fun, but I showed them to my husband and he flipped out. He loved them so much and urged me to make them into bumper stickers. He even raced me to the package when it was delivered.
I am now the proud owner of a car with a “Cthulhu is Lord” bumper sticker on it.
Anyway, the Cthulhu Is Lord bumper stickers are available now for purchase! I hope you are as excited about them as my geeky husband. 🙂
❤ Liz Kelly Zook
Do your friends or significant others have an effect on the kind of art you make?

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