Coping With Artist Block

There are three ways that I cope with the dreaded Artist Block.
boom-31. Work On Something Simple. You can take this two different ways. It can mean to go back to old work and rework it. Or it can mean to stick with a simple piece that you know will turn out just fine. I’ve done this twice in the past year. I reworked my old zombie oil paintings in my new style and I just recently completed five simple pop art pieces that I new I wouldn’t screw up. While working on the last five pieces inspiration struck for the #loveislove collection.
img_22882. Try Something New. I’ll think about things I’ve never done before and try them. That’s how I came to do pop art in the first place. I was considering art that I hadn’t done. I started thinking about Warhol and how I always shrugged off his work as easy. Then I tried it for myself. And now it’s almost all I ever paint. Of course, my stuff is more Lichtenstein than Warhol, if you’re going to compare me to someone at all. (Please don’t.) But I started with his style of pop and ended up developing my current style from that.
3. Ask For Help. I will publicly ask for ideas or suggestions from friends or fans. This way of coping has birthed many great pieces of work. Most recently being Thank You For Being A Friend – which came via tweet.
❤ Liz Kelly Zook
How do you cope with artist block, or writer block, or any sort of lulls between inspiration in your work? Have you used any of these methods? How did they work out for you?

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