Fruit Bats #3 and #4


A short time lapse video of work on two small Fruit Bat paintings. These paintings are acrylic on 4″ by 6″ canvas. They have finished edges and are sealed and wired – just like every other painting.

Usually scheduled posts aren’t set on Saturdays, but I’m doing something new so…

Normally, I price a painting and list it in the shop on my website. Typically, at this size, these paintings would be priced at $24. However, these paintings are smaller and I wanted to give people the opportunity to get some original art on a more affordable scale. The price will start at $6 so that I can make back what I put into them and I’m charging $4 for shipping. The auction will last through next Friday.

You can find the auction for Fruit Bat #3 here:

and Fruit Bat #4 here:

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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