I Have A Problem

So, yesterday I was talking about how I used to have a schedule and how I didn’t know what happened to it. Well, I do.

Last week I sold some art. Which meant that I could buy supplies to make more art. So I did. I bought supplies. I made more art. I got so excited that I had canvas that I couldn’t wait for my normal studio hours to paint it. So, I finished two paintings over the weekend and now I’m out of supplies again.

This happens often. I will run out of supplies, sell some art, buy more supplies, and get so excited to have supplies that I use them all and run out of supplies again!

I think what happened was this: Now that I don’t have a production goal I don’t feel pressured to paint as much, which frees me from stress, makes me want to paint, and helps me to be more productive.

By the way, this is Pop Lips #2. The second painting I did last Saturday.

But the problem stays, now what am I supposed to do during my studio hours?

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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