All That Glitters


I know. I know. I said I was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone by experimenting  with patterns to create depth. But I came across this chunky glitter and HAD to try it.

I have only used glitter on one other piece – Margarita – so it’s still technically out of my comfort zone. because that was a fine glitter. And this is a chunky glitter. They’re wildly different animals.

Pop Lips #3 was finished last Monday. It’s acrylic(and glitter) on 20″ by 16″ canvas. There won’t be prints, because the glitter wouldn’t show as well and it really wouldn’t be worth it. You can see it shimmer in this little vid I made for my Instagram.

How do you feel about glitter? Does it make you happy, too?

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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