img_9568I thought I should write a post explaining why there is always cardboard in my studio… in case you were wondering.

I do coat every painting with an acrylic sealant, but the edges of paintings are hard and square – obviously. The sealant does not protect against scratches. The sealant protects the painting from dust and accidental splashes. So, if you’ve had a painting hanging for a while, notice it gets dusty, you can get a damp – not wet, damp – cloth and wipe it off.

Cardboard keeps the paintings from rubbing up against each other and transferring the paint. If I didn’t have cardboard in between each painting there would be a new scratch mark every time I pulled a painting out or put a painting away. The cardboard protects each painting.

Cardboard keeps my work safe until you’re ready to buy it. 😉

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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