Aspartame Kills

Artists are inspired by the things they see around them in their daily lives. Since I never leave the studio, the things I see around me in my daily life consist of TV and whatever pops up in my news feed. Well, my brother is a health nut. I mean, full on owns a gym, gets people fit for a living health nut. A while back he wrote this looong post about artificial sweeteners and how bad they are for you, especially aspartame.

Anyway, reading that post did two things. One, it turned me off of artificial sweeteners and aspartame for good. And two, it inspired this painting of a zombie. You can see that Aspartame Kills has no noticeable wounds. That’s because I don’t know if aspartame actually kills you. I have read a lot of articles claiming that it really fucks you up, though. A quick google search pulls up countless articles speculating of the dangers of aspartame.

I referenced a Diet Coke advertisement for this painting, because aspartame is used as a sweetener in the drink.

<3<3 Liz Kelly Zook

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