If You Only Look At Galleries You’re Going To Miss A Lot Of Great Art

I am all for encouraging people to start, or grow, their art collections. I’ve written blogs on both starting an art collection and displaying art. So, I was eager to read I want to build a home art collection. Where do I begin?, because I thought it might give me some information to share with my collectors and readers. However, I was completely bummed out when, not once, does it tell you to purchase from an artist. It merely suggests you speak with an art student at a college exhibit.
I understand that the perspective of the founder of SCAD is going to be quite different from that of an artist, but she didn’t even take into consideration the statistics of artists who do not go to college. (39.9% of working artists didn’t graduate from college according to the Atlantic.) She also doesn’t consider the direct-to-collector relationship that artists build on Instagram. Or the fact that galleries are becoming more and more obsolete. The more social media connects artists direct to buyers the less artists need gallery representation.
To encourage people to visit galleries, because “Gallerists are to contemporary art as booksellers are to new literary fiction. In the same way you ask bookstore clerks what new novels they recommend, do the same with gallerists.” is to completely disregard artists.
The world is changing. The art market is changing. Galleries aren’t necessary anymore. So, until gallerists can actually offer a wider audience (or anything worth that 50% gouge in profit for the artist) I implore you to go direct to artists to start, or grow, your art collection.
❤ Liz Kelly Zook


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