Introducing: Printable Wall Art of the Pop Art Variety

Last summer I declared that Prints of my original paintings Are No Longer Available . This is still true. It has not changed. Prints will not be available of original paintings on canvas.

However, there are a lot of paintings that have been done on paper that I don’t want to sell the originals of, because the size of the pieces are so small.

I’ve decided that I can offer prints of these, because the originals will never be sold. Pieces like Neon Barbie and Neon Statue will be available directly on my website, but all of the others will be sold in my shop on Etsy.

I’m really excited to offer my collectors Printable Wall Art for a home decor solution. This also makes some of my pieces a lot more accessible for people who love art, but might not be able to purchase an original piece for whatever reason.

Some of these pieces can also be printed on canvas. Email me at to custom order pop art on canvas.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook



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