The actual paintable area of these postcards is a slightly tall square of approximately 3.75 inches. I wasn’t really used to painting on surfaces that small when I started and wasn’t sure I’d be able to work a lot on them, but I have proven myself wrong.

Check out postcard 20!

The light refraction off the ocean water is new for me. I don’t recall ever trying to paint that effect before. I really like the way it turned out, though, and these little postcards are a great exercise in trusting myself.

Not to mention, every day that I work on these little postcards is a day that I am grateful to practice art and relish the joy and calm that it brings me.

After twenty days the box that these Pantone postcards came in is getting a little weak. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing duck tape on it in the future.

❤ Liz Zook