Taste What You’ve Done To Me

Self Portrait Collection

“Consume me as I have been consumed by thoughts of you. Taste what you’ve done to me.”

I tend to be… obsessive… in relationships. For autistic people, other people can be a special interest. Allistic people, typically, cannot match the sort of passion and intensity that I bring to the table. And that’s okay, that’s healthy, but sometimes I crave the same sort of attention that I give out. And I’m sure that can be true for people who aren’t autistic, too. I think there’s a universal craving to be met with the same effort you give.

“The Softer Side” is part of a *very limited printing* self portrait collection. Each digital self-portrait is printed on 8″ by 10″ paper and is limited to 3-4 prints each, signed on the back.



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