Fabric Patterns

I used to be a fashion designer. As such I have a lot of fun applying my art to textiles. I have quite a collection of fabrics with my designs on them for sale through Spoonflower. (You can even get some of my designs on wallpaper.) You can check out my spoonflower shop here. ❤ Liz Kelly… Continue reading Fabric Patterns


Introducing: Printable Wall Art of the Pop Art Variety

I've decided that I can offer prints of these, because the originals will never be sold. I'm really excited to offer my collectors Printable Wall Art for a home decor solution.

If You Only Look At Galleries You’re Going To Miss A Lot Of Great Art

I am all for encouraging people to start, or grow, their art collections. I've written blogs on both starting an art collection and displaying art. So, I was eager to read I want to build a home art collection. Where do I begin?, because I thought it might give me some information to share with my… Continue reading If You Only Look At Galleries You’re Going To Miss A Lot Of Great Art

Prints Are No Longer Available. What Does That Mean For You?

Have you been in the shop lately? Have you noticed? I've stopped selling prints. I know. I know. This is going to disappoint some people. But, if you'll hang out for just a few minutes I'll explain why I've stopped selling them, what I've made available for you instead, and what this means for you… Continue reading Prints Are No Longer Available. What Does That Mean For You?


All new blog posts will be posted at LizKellyZook.com.  Yes, I understand that I could transfer my domain to wordpress - and might come back later with my tail between my legs having failed procuring an audience for my website - but I like my website. I've worked hard on it. And if you don't… Continue reading LizKellyZook.com/blog

Styling Switchblade

  Styling Switchblade by lizkzook featuring a black chairside table What do you think? How would you style Switchblade? What would you like to see me style next week? Tell me in the comments Check the Styling Pop Art page on the website or search #stylingpopart on Instagram to see more rooms styled with pop… Continue reading Styling Switchblade