Introducing: Printable Wall Art of the Pop Art Variety

I've decided that I can offer prints of these, because the originals will never be sold. I'm really excited to offer my collectors Printable Wall Art for a home decor solution.


Styling Fuck Off In Orange

  Styling F-ck Off in Orange by lizkzook featuring an aztec area rug Fuck Off in orange is the most popular piece in my Society6 shop. People have purchased wall tapestries, notebooks, and phone cases of this piece. Even though the painting is a little aggressive - it's supposed to be - you can still style… Continue reading Styling Fuck Off In Orange

Happy Easter

I'm not religious. Spiritual, maybe, but not religious. Spring is nice, though. I really wanted to be outside today. So, I came outside with my travel watercolor set and did this little egg hunting zombie. Do you do Easter? How did you spend your day? ❤ Liz Kelly Zook .P.S. If you like my art… Continue reading Happy Easter

Stepping Out

I did it. I stepped out of my comfort zone, just like I said I would. I used patterns and prints to add a bit of depth to my canvas. And there were flamingos and pineapples involved just like I said there would be... RuPaul is definitely my favorite of the four. I can see… Continue reading Stepping Out

Out Of Canvas

When I'm out of canvas I will find any little thing to doodle, I paint on any surface, and I write down any idea I get so that I'll remember to play with them when I have canvas again. Lately, I've been doing a lot of tiny watercolors, referencing images that come across my Instagram… Continue reading Out Of Canvas

Art Movement Project

On Monday, I finally re-started the one project I had planned for the year: Sampling Art Movements. I had already started this project once, but I didn't have a control image and ended up just copying the art styles instead of really figuring them out. I think having a control image will fix that problem.… Continue reading Art Movement Project


I really need to build another box, but before I do that I want to reinforce this box. That way I can put the new box on top of this one and have them both open to the front instead of the top! The box is set up now with cardboard dividers that keep the structure… Continue reading Overflow


I thought I should write a post explaining why there is always cardboard in my studio... in case you were wondering. I do coat every painting with an acrylic sealant, but the edges of paintings are hard and square - obviously. The sealant does not protect against scratches. The sealant protects the painting from dust… Continue reading Cardboard

All That Glitters

  I know. I know. I said I was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone by experimenting  with patterns to create depth. But I came across this chunky glitter and HAD to try it. I have only used glitter on one other piece - Margarita - so it's still technically out of… Continue reading All That Glitters