My Fondness for Fake Flamingos

Flock of Flamingos by artist Liz Kelly Zook (4)When I was a teenager we lived in this pretty white Queen Anne Victorian house. I loved having friends over, because it was really nice and it had a huge back yard. That was until my mom put up these plastic lawn flamingos. They embarrassed me to no end. They were so dorky and I was trying so hard to be cool.

Long after I moved out, sometime around the time I got married, I started thinking of the flamingos more fondly. I missed my mom and when I would think about buying a house and settling down I would think of the flamingos.

They give me kind of like a rebellious, but comforting feeling. Painting flamingos is my way of embracing the weirdness of my childhood, and my own weirdness, instead of being embarrassed by it.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Payment Options

That’s why I have added payment options for all paintings over $200.
If you’re interested check out the Payment Options page on my website.
It holds all of the information you need. And if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments.

(This is a trial run. I’m going to see how it goes for a few months. If there is actually need for this sort of thing, etc. 
I’m trying to be helpful here.)

♥ Liz Kelly Zook

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Styling Diamonds

I’ve been kind of a dick about home design, I’ll admit, because the thought of buying a piece of art to match a couch breaks my little black heart. I do realize that it’s important for people to have a certain look, though. Sometimes it’s hard for people to buy art when they don’t know how to fit it in their home. I get it. I do. I’m very visual.

In an effort to help you out, I’m going to start putting some rooms together around specific pieces. You’ll be able to see how I style pieces, you’ll be able to vote on the next piece for me to style, and you’ll be able to give me input on how you’d style things differently. I think it will be quite fun.

So, without further ado, I give you an entryway styled for “Diamonds”.

I think this piece would look excellent on a dark gray wall, with a black and white tiled floor. What about you? How would you style “Diamonds”? Tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to vote for next month’s Styling Pop Art below:

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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To The Beach!

I don’t like the term “escape from reality.”

For one, when I go to the beach or chase waterfalls or drive anywhere, that IS my reality.

Two, why does it have a negative connotation? Who cares if you want to “escape reality”? Who are you hurting if you not only escape, but move in?

Three, why not – instead of focusing on escaping – make your actual reality better?

I like driving to the beach. It’s as much a part of my life as staying at home. I enjoy it and don’t consider it an escape, because I’m not running away. I enjoy my life as it is daily and I also enjoy being at the beach.

Where do you go when you want to “escape reality”?

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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I Am A Slow Reader

IMG_0709.JPGI’m not ashamed of it. A lot of people I know are speed readers. I am not. If I am enjoying a book I will really take my time with it. If I come across a funny paragraph I might read it more than once. There are some books I can read quickly – like Stephen King books. I’m on that level mentally and those books just flow for me. But, like right now, when I’m reading an autobiography in someone else’s voice it takes me longer.

I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). It’s cute and easy to relate to, by it’s not my voice. So it takes me a bit to get into the rhythm. If I walk away from it for a while I have to get back into the rhythm.

I love the rhythm of writing. A book with a really good rhythm can keep me long after I have lost interest in the subject.

Kaling and I don’t have similar dispositions, but we enjoy the same things. So, I am really enjoying this book.

How do you read? What are you reading now?

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Color Is Color

IMG_0605I don’t know why I bother painting my nails. Yes I do. I paint them because I love color. Color is beautiful. All colors. Even a vomit green. Beautiful.

I paint my nails, because I like the color and I like the meditation-ish feeling of applying nail polish. It’s fun.

Then I go paint something. And then it ruins my nails. Sometimes I actually get upset by that. Because they were pretty and now they’re a mess.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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