I Have A Problem

So, yesterday I was talking about how I used to have a schedule and how I didn't know what happened to it. Well, I do. Last week I sold some art. Which meant that I could buy supplies to make more art. So I did. I bought supplies. I made more art. I got so excited… Continue reading I Have A Problem


Pop Lips

This painting was completed on Saturday morning. I hadn't planned on painting, but I put Bye Bye Birdie on the TV and all of a sudden I just HAD to paint. I think it's the music. Hours later Pop Lips was finished. Then it was listed. Then it was uploaded on Society6. I had a schedule worked out… Continue reading Pop Lips

Flamingos for the Summer Arts Jam

It's no secret that I like Flamingos. A while ago - at this point I can't remember if it was years or months ago - I was going to paint a Flaming Trailer Park collection. Then I didn't. Okay, I did one painting. I didn't like how it turned out. So, I scrapped it. I… Continue reading Flamingos for the Summer Arts Jam

Comic Girl Appropriation

After Promises, Promises sold I wanted to have more paintings like that on hand, because they're fun to do and they make people smile. So I picked my favorites and bought some 12" by 12" canvas. These were the result. You can find the paintings, and prints of the paintings, in my shop on Etsy.… Continue reading Comic Girl Appropriation

Steven Tyler, Janie’s Fund, and Some Line Work

Today I finished a painting of Steven Tyler. I had already decided to do Steven Tyler a while ago, but it wasn't until just recently that I found out about Janie's Fund. So, I have decided to donate $90 of the $100.10 cost of the painting to Janie's Fund. If you would like to get… Continue reading Steven Tyler, Janie’s Fund, and Some Line Work

I Wanted To Try Something New

A watered down style looks A LOT different from my thick popped out style, but I wanted to try it anyway. I think these paintings turned out really well! I would like to note that the painting of Marilyn Monroe was inspired by a photograph taken by Richard Avedon. Painted Lips painting was inspired by… Continue reading I Wanted To Try Something New

October Art Sale

I'm having an October Art Sale...because October! I do love October, and Autumn, and everything this season brings and means. That includes the sloughing of the dead to bring in room for rebirth. This season is all about cleansing, and getting rid of the old so that you're ready for the new. I just moved in… Continue reading October Art Sale

Two Week Drawing Challenge: Something You Dislike

There are a lot of things I dislike. In fact, this was a topic when I was a teenager. Someone once told me that it's good to know what you don't like, but it's more important to know what you do like. And, though I agree that it's good to focus on what you do… Continue reading Two Week Drawing Challenge: Something You Dislike

Two Week Drawing Challenge: An Animal

We've made it to Day 2 of the Two Week Drawing Challenge! I feel like that's progress! I asked the hubs for suggestions on today's topic, animals. This one's for him. Be sure to follow the #twoweekdrawingchallenge, and @LizKellyZook, on Instagram and Twitter.