Prints Are No Longer Available. What Does That Mean For You?

Have you been in the shop lately? Have you noticed? I've stopped selling prints. I know. I know. This is going to disappoint some people. But, if you'll hang out for just a few minutes I'll explain why I've stopped selling them, what I've made available for you instead, and what this means for you… Continue reading Prints Are No Longer Available. What Does That Mean For You?



I finally got it right! After years and years of trying to do prints of my work I finally got it! Two factors helped with these prints. The first factor was that because of a recent art sale I was able to invest in a really nice printer. The second factor was that my original… Continue reading PRINTS GALORE

Prints Now Available!

I just recently took the time to make, and list, prints of my most popular paintings. They are 5" by 7" for $12.25 and 5" by 5" prints for $10.25. I wanted to make my art available to people who might not necessarily want, or need, a full-priced original painting. You can purchase them in my… Continue reading Prints Now Available!