All That Glitters

  I know. I know. I said I was going to be stepping out of my comfort zone by experimenting  with patterns to create depth. But I came across this chunky glitter and HAD to try it. I have only used glitter on one other piece - Margarita - so it's still technically out of… Continue reading All That Glitters


I Have A Problem

So, yesterday I was talking about how I used to have a schedule and how I didn't know what happened to it. Well, I do. Last week I sold some art. Which meant that I could buy supplies to make more art. So I did. I bought supplies. I made more art. I got so excited… Continue reading I Have A Problem

Pop Lips

This painting was completed on Saturday morning. I hadn't planned on painting, but I put Bye Bye Birdie on the TV and all of a sudden I just HAD to paint. I think it's the music. Hours later Pop Lips was finished. Then it was listed. Then it was uploaded on Society6. I had a schedule worked out… Continue reading Pop Lips