Styling Switchblade

  Styling Switchblade by lizkzook featuring a black chairside table What do you think? How would you style Switchblade? What would you like to see me style next week? Tell me in the comments Check the Styling Pop Art page on the website or search #stylingpopart on Instagram to see more rooms styled with pop… Continue reading Styling Switchblade


Art Movement Project

On Monday, I finally re-started the one project I had planned for the year: Sampling Art Movements. I had already started this project once, but I didn't have a control image and ended up just copying the art styles instead of really figuring them out. I think having a control image will fix that problem.… Continue reading Art Movement Project

Hello, Old Friend

Quite a few people have asked If I view paintings as my children. I don't see it that way. No. I consider my paintings to be much different than children. I consider them to be friends. Creating a piece of work is more like getting to know someone than it is like raising a human being.… Continue reading Hello, Old Friend

Bianca Del Rio

Ru is, and always will be, my favorite drag queen. She won me over with "I don't know who he is, but if it snows tonight he's going on my tires" in To Wong Foo. Yes, Wesley, Patrick, and John were fabulous, but they were not as good as RuPaul and her one fierce line.… Continue reading Bianca Del Rio

Painting Break

Last year, at this time, I had only finished three paintings. Three. This year I have completed 39 paintings. And that doesn't even include the four small ones, or any of my works on paper. For the whole of last year I completed 37 paintings. With this year not even half over I have already… Continue reading Painting Break

Bill Nye’s Presidential Selfie

Bill Nye has an Instagram account! Did you know? I didn't a few days ago. You can bet your patootie I'm following it now, though! And when I was perusing it to see what great things I might have missed I came across a Presidential Selfie! I just had to paint it. I had to.… Continue reading Bill Nye’s Presidential Selfie

Steven Tyler, Janie’s Fund, and Some Line Work

Today I finished a painting of Steven Tyler. I had already decided to do Steven Tyler a while ago, but it wasn't until just recently that I found out about Janie's Fund. So, I have decided to donate $90 of the $100.10 cost of the painting to Janie's Fund. If you would like to get… Continue reading Steven Tyler, Janie’s Fund, and Some Line Work


That's what my friend Michael deemed my newest painting. However, it's remaining Untitled for now... unless you can come up with something better. She is acrylic on 18" by 24" canvas. There is a very short time-lapse video of me doing the line work on Untitled. Untitled is already in the Available Paintings, if… Continue reading Bewbies