Styling Switchblade

Styling Switchblade


What do you think? How would you style Switchblade?

What would you like to see me style next week? Tell me in the comments

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♥ Liz Kelly Zook

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Art Movement Project

IMG_0069On Monday, I finally re-started the one project I had planned for the year: Sampling Art Movements.

I had already started this project once, but I didn’t have a control image and ended up just copying the art styles instead of really figuring them out. I think having a control image will fix that problem.

The picture is the table setup I was working with on Monday and the Abstract Art Sample that I created from the control image. I sampled six different art movements on Monday. They are all on roughly 7″ by 5.5″ cardstock.

When I’ve finished them all I’d like to get them out in matching frames and display them together.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Hello, Old Friend

img_9745Quite a few people have asked If I view paintings as my children. I don’t see it that way. No. I consider my paintings to be much different than children. I consider them to be friends.

Creating a piece of work is more like getting to know someone than it is like raising a human being.

When I send a painting out into the world, I don’t tell it to be careful. I tell it “good luck, friend.” Because it is a friend. A friend with a life and a journey all its own.

And when I see a painting again, after it’s gone off into the world, it’s a lot like reuniting with an old friend. At that point, it has its own stories to tell of the places its been.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Bianca Del Rio

condragulations-on-the-emmy-3Ru is, and always will be, my favorite drag queen. She won me over with “I don’t know who he is, but if it snows tonight he’s going on my tires” in To Wong Foo. Yes, Wesley, Patrick, and John were fabulous, but they were not as good as RuPaul and her one fierce line.

In fact, I’ve already done a RuPaul painting. I love her so much…

but Bianca Del Rio was just so fucking likable on Drag Race. Her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and… well, you know… totally won me over. Then I watched Hurricane Bianca and loved it, too. The easiest way for me to show how much I like someone is to paint them.


Side story: I first fell in love with drag queens when I read about Lady Chablis in “In the Garden of Good and Evil” back when I was a teenager. Then I researched the history of drag and, obviously, I love color and costume. I’ve emulated drag queens ever since.

Bianca Del Rio is acrylic on 24″ by 24″ canvas. You can find more pictures, or buy the painting, on my website.

Do you like drag? Do you have a favorite performer?

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Painting Break

13323454_1028393963905109_2777758225481920447_oLast year, at this time, I had only finished three paintings. Three. This year I have completed 39 paintings. And that doesn’t even include the four small ones, or any of my works on paper. For the whole of last year I completed 37 paintings. With this year not even half over I have already surpassed last year’s production.



In all seriousness, though, I’m not.

I have two events coming up. They happen to be back-to-back. The Summer Arts Jam, that I’ve previously mentioned, is on June 8th. I’m also participating in this month’s Boro Art Crawl – which is a two night event this month – is June 9th and 10th. See? Back-to-back.

Anyway, my point is, that you’re not going to see new work until after these two events are over. I’m giving myself some room to breathe. Now, that DOESN’T mean that I won’t be working at all. I’ll still be saving ideas, promoting other pieces, making new prints, and obviously promoting the two events that I’ll be a part of. But I need to breathe.

paintbrush mustacheEven with a break, if I can keep up this momentum, averaging 7.6 paintings a month, I can easily reach my goal of doubling my production from last year. (On a side note: I had reached my self-sustaining artist goal, but then ran out of canvas. So I re-evaluated the only two goals that I had for myself as an artist for 2016 and decided that doubling my production was more important to me than being completely self-sustaining. I am still only in my first year of being a full-time artist, after all.)

So, to sum up, no new work until after June 10th AND two big events coming in June: Summer Arts Jam and Boro Art Crawl.

Thanks for sticking around, being supportive, and helping me reach my goals.


Studio Transformation

I’m sure a lot of you know what my studio looked like a few days ago. It was a creamy color that didn’t really make my colors pop.


But last Friday, my husband and I painted the entire room white.


And I left Marilyn. Not only left her, but framed her. I might get up there and paint something for an edge.



And, of course, Kit supervised the entire day.


I did all of the prep work, but the hubs did more than half of the painting. He is really just the best. Every day I am grateful. I used to be with someone who would piss and moan every time I wanted more than two seconds to myself – not even painting, painting he threw a holy fit about, but just to be alone.

My husband is the one that encouraged me to paint. He’s brought home supplies out-of-the-blue sometimes. He is the most supportive man I have ever known. He has a career that he is happy in. He knows what he wants and he’s working towards it. He wants me to have that same happiness and he encourages me to go after it. I think that shows character. Not only that, it shows that he really cares about me as an individual person. I couldn’t ask for a better lover/friend/companion.

Anyway, I don’t have anything reorganized. I left my desk at Two-Tone. I’ll have to pick it back up when I pick up my paintings. Most stuff will just stay on the floor, though, because the desk is small.

I’m hoping to have a productive Monday. I have two paintings to start on. However, last week sometime I bought paint. Never even took it out of the bag. Now I can’t find it. I really needed it, too. If I can’t find it, I’m going to have to go get more. Have you ever done that? Bought something and then lost it before you even got to use it?


P.S. Contest winner will be announced on the 18th!


Bill Nye’s Presidential Selfie

Bill Nye has an Instagram account! Did you know? I didn’t a few days ago. You can bet your patootie I’m following it now, though! And when I was perusing it to see what great things I might have missed I came across a Presidential Selfie! I just had to paint it. I had to.

Step 6, the final step, is the outlines and the edges of the canvas.

All finished up!

So that’s how I finished up my week. How was yours?