Introducing: Printable Wall Art of the Pop Art Variety

I've decided that I can offer prints of these, because the originals will never be sold. I'm really excited to offer my collectors Printable Wall Art for a home decor solution.


Styling Fruit Bats #2

What do you think? How would you style Fruit Bats #2? What would you like to see me style next? Tell me in the comments! Search #stylingpopart on Instagram to see more rooms. ♥ Liz Kelly Zook

Styling Switchblade

  Styling Switchblade by lizkzook featuring a black chairside table What do you think? How would you style Switchblade? What would you like to see me style next week? Tell me in the comments Check the Styling Pop Art page on the website or search #stylingpopart on Instagram to see more rooms styled with pop… Continue reading Styling Switchblade

Styling Fuck Off In Orange

  Styling F-ck Off in Orange by lizkzook featuring an aztec area rug Fuck Off in orange is the most popular piece in my Society6 shop. People have purchased wall tapestries, notebooks, and phone cases of this piece. Even though the painting is a little aggressive - it's supposed to be - you can still style… Continue reading Styling Fuck Off In Orange

My Fondness for Fake Flamingos

When I was a teenager we lived in this pretty white Queen Anne Victorian house. I loved having friends over, because it was really nice and it had a huge back yard. That was until my mom put up these plastic lawn flamingos. They embarrassed me to no end. They were so dorky and I… Continue reading My Fondness for Fake Flamingos

Payment Options

That's why I have added payment options for all paintings over $200. If you're interested check out the Payment Options page on my website. It holds all of the information you need. And if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments. (This is a trial run. I'm going to see how… Continue reading Payment Options

Styling Diamonds

I've been kind of a dick about home design, I'll admit, because the thought of buying a piece of art to match a couch breaks my little black heart. I do realize that it's important for people to have a certain look, though. Sometimes it's hard for people to buy art when they don't know… Continue reading Styling Diamonds

Monthly Pop Print

#monthlypopprint starts today! Check the Monthly Pop Print page on my website to find out which print will be available at a special price. Because my prints are already limited to 50 reproductions, this is a first come first served print sale, limited to only five of the smaller prints and two of the medium prints(if available). <3… Continue reading Monthly Pop Print