When You Hurt Me

Self Portrait Collection

I have a very weird relationship with my body. I struggle with interoception. A lot of autistic people do. I don’t always know when I’m hungry or when I have to pee or whatever.

I also walk into stuff a lot. I have very poor spatial awareness. (Which I think is more adhd than ’tism, but someone might correct me on that because I’m not sure.) And those things can make me feel very disconnected to my body.

HOWEVER, when I am sad, or angry or even excited, I feel it in my entire being. It’s in my stomach and my bones and my flesh. When I am sad my whole body is sad and that is when I feel really connected to myself. So when I make art that is connected to an emotion it is usually a self-portrait of some kind, because I don’t know how to take that feeling and put it outside of myself.

“When You Hurt Me” is part of a *very limited printing* self portrait collection. Each digital self-portrait is printed on 8″ by 10″ paper and is limited to 3-4 prints each, signed on the back.